Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm very proud of this image because there were things in the two top corners that I got rid of.. and I'd never fucked with an image in photoshop that much before...

Today my class went to Syracuse University to go to a lecture. There were a few different ones you could go to.. I chose the Studio lighting one first, and then the portfolio review. Both were disapointing, though we did get to find out that we learn the same at our community college about lighting as a four-year school. What it did do, though, is inspire me to do more studio work. Hopefully I can get Cris (above photo) to come out here for me. That would rock.

Almost have all my stuff to my new apartment. I'm stoked. Photos soon.

I brought the cats here today. They seem happier. I know I am.


Anonymous said...

Remember that SU is the first part of "sucks". You're one of the only college students I know who learns more from skipping class than attending.

The_N_Word. said...

Nice shot meagan! Now come over.