Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm burning scans I.. scanned while here at James'. It's beautiful out and I can't wait to drive down the highway with the windows down. But goddamn, this burning shit's takin forever! And then, of course, I have to swipe The Gutter Twins and In Rainbows and 10,00 Days and Creedence Clearwater Revival and Doolittle for the road. I've had all these 'cept Creedence, but either I don't have them on cd or I lost it (MUST LISTTEN TO IN RAINBOWS DAMMIT). So all of these are essential for the upcoming five hour drive. But I really want all these CD's to be burned like NOW so I can get out in the sun and warm weather. At least it's going to continue to be nice up in Utica as well as down here. 

But you know, I normally drive listening to nothing for half the trip, then radio scan. The radio scanning is pretty terrible. 

I love how NYS goess from winter to suddenly summer. There's not much of a spring. 

And my car is sitting out on the street... more like in the middle of the street. 


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