Friday, November 8, 2013

There is so much I want to say, so much going on in my head. But I never have time to write lately. I will soon, though.

I post on social sites only the good stuff. I appear to be happy and excited.

Note to self:
-Lonely vs Alone, the growth of being independent
-Yard work and learning curve challenges (ie: fears (heights, failure, judgement and *gasp* commitment)
-Monogamy... What's that? A view into today's dating.
-Big Bad Ocean- the ultimate in dangerous and beautiful
-Deliveries: From fat checks to boat hitch hiking, we all sail for the same reason. Exploring! (Or was it freedom?)
-(non)Communication Nation - struggling for connection

Quick story.

I'm in Key West craving NY pizza but I can't get much further away without leaving the country. So I stop by Mr Z's pizza. Decent but a far cry from NY. I walk in and get served immediately at a counter that does have a New York feel to it- complete with loud noises and a fast pace. I fall right into it and throw out my order to a short Italian guy. I love Italians. Anyway, dude next to me was like, "oh City of Bones (I'd italicize but my stupid phone won't let me)" indicating to my big book. Oh, I say, you've read them? "Yeah, they're great!" Oh, cool, yeah it's an interesting read (it's stupid brain candy). "Oh, yeah, I haven't actually read the book haha" then he tries a couple other things and I just look at him. Fail.

I really should go back to the whole goth death stare. Works out way better for me, I think.

And start running cause I'm a fat ass.