Sunday, July 14, 2013


So. The boat Appledore didn't exactly work out so well for me. So I've moved onto another boat called the Grace Bailey, who goes out on long multiple day/night trips (3-5 days). I'll be on a five day trip, as a volunteer and photographer. Pretty neat and I'm looking forward to it. I have my own little cabin with a fairly big bed, which is pretty sweet. We return on Friday and then Saturday I'll be flying out to NYC to get on a catamaran to crew on it up to Chicago via the Hudson, which I hear is a great trip and also, I am very much looking forward to learning how to navigate. Transits are the best, and it'll land me in Chicago in three weeks. It would seem it's all fit together better this way, anyway, and I'm looking forward to it all. I've been taking a lot of photos with my medium format because there's something wrong with my Olympus, which sucks, but thankfully I have more than one camera and currently much more 120 film than 35. Whatever, I am happy to be on boats and have film, period.

I am getting a great tan.... on about half of my body. Good thing I don't plan to model anytime soon cause it's a little ridiculous.

merp. this is a boring update.