Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Thoughts

These past days I've been sitting around reading or thrifting or playing with my kid cousins or reading or watching movies and when I get a chance to express myself all I can think is how much I'm going to get done, and what I'm going to get done, in 2013. And it's not like, "oh here is my new years resolutions" it's more like "PREPARE FOR WAR, 2013, CAUSE 2014 IS GOIN DOWN" I don't know whether it's like building the ultimate tree fort in the back yard or what, cause it definitely feels like I'm a kid in D-Z who just discovered how to sneak attack my little brother and shove my sister safely down the slides when no one was looking. It's a childish sort of victory I feel, plotting and planning my route to success... perhaps because it feels so doable, I feel so capable and so sure-footed. I am happy and excited and inspired, every day. So many of these days I say to myself, okay okay, well it's not going to last so you best enjoy it while it does. But then it keeps happening. And I'm like, shit I must be doing something fuckin right because this feels GREAT. The only thing I remember from Sunday School was when they talked about our paths that God has set in front of us, and that when bad shit starts happening, it means we're straying from our path. First of all, before any of you gets weird about anything, I was very conflicted about all that, myself. So I have spent many years returning to this idea. What is God? And who is he to choose what I will do with my life? I have come to the conclusion that while many Christians might want to believe there is a man in the sky, or some singular higher power, I don't think that's what ever was to be. I think God is the collective higher power, whatever that might be. The Universe and it's workings. That being said, since I was a child I have dreamed of being great. I have wanted to be a writer, a traveler, a model and a photographer. I have been a dreamer and desired to be nothing short of Great since I can remember. I want to make a difference, I want to help change the world, I want to see as much of our world as I can and understand as much of it as I can. I want to share beauty and pain, life and death, nature and nurture. And through this desire I have laid my path already. Through this *God* has seen fit to help me on my journey, in my passion and dedication. It is long laid and long strayed, shit has happened and people have helped me where they can. And now, having rolled in the dirt of my own stupidity and rebellion, I can say I see my path clearly. Maybe not too far down it, and certainly not straight or level... But I see it. I fuckin see it.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cafe Thoughts

I could sit at this cafe for hours longer, even though I've been here for hours and I am frustrated with how much I have to do and how little I really have gotten done. I look at this list and it doesn't seem so hard, yet I sit here and I find it difficult... I suppose when you've let things get quite out of hand it takes a long time to sort it all out and put everything in place. I almost said "back" in place, but I don't think it was ever quite right. Indeed, I've thrived in being chaotic. I've wanted to disrupt, destroy, upset the balance- and grin, standing in the middle of it all. But I don't desire that anymore. I want to pick it all up, examine every piece and place it neatly where it belongs. I don't mind taking my time. I want to know every part of my world that I've created and built and collected. I want those entering my world to not be wild eyed and crazed, excited to see what I will do to lead them into some insane adventure- but to enter confident and comforted and powerful, building on creativity and inspiration. I want to be a muse in every way, to help people find their strength, art, love, passion. I want to save the world of mediocracy.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An Amazing Day with Horses (and Cameras)

And yes, it's quarter after seven at night and I'm about ready to hit the sack. That's what happens when you get up at three am to go to the track in order to help with the daily runs (and walks of the sick) race horses. It's freezing cold and the sun wont be up for hours but most people there are happy to be - I am not the only one enchanted by these animals. Though that isn't what brings all these people here. If not love of horses, then love of being a jockey- or, simply the love of the gamble and thrill. Though I don't think many of those people are at the stables at 4am.

R was thrilled when I actually got up in the morning to go with him, I think he doubted how much I really do love horses. It's a childish love, one that I was rarely indulged growing up (though my grandmparents did take us to ride a few times on trails where you could pay $20 for an hour, at your own risk). I shake with excitement whenever I'm around them, truly believing that horses are a part of the perfect existence.

I told R that I would be happy to brush horses, I love them so. He says, "They say what's good for the inside of a man, is good for the outside of a horse."

In my mind, dogs might be man's best friend but horses are a link to something spiritual. When you ride a horse, you're becoming part of them, moving with them, feeling with them. The are extremely empathetic and obviously ridiculously large and strong. I have never felt the overwhelming thrill and accomplishment like I have with moments of experience with a horse.

Today I sat bareback on a horse again. I was lead, like I was last time, but still, I sat. I got up via the fence and getting down R asks if I want the fence or if I can jump down myself. Pff, of course I can.

When I was about 12 I went riding with my sister and grandfather, in a group that was lead for the first half of the hour and the second half you could roam the trails on your own, though you were supposed to stay in pairs. Of course, I didn't. We got pretty deep into the woods and then turned back towards the barn, where the horse knew we were headed back and started going fast. Grinning, I held on, bent over it's neck while it jumped a log and ducking under branches. I had no business doing these things, but had no concept of what I was doing- just that it was fun. We came up on the stables pretty quickly and I was scolded for not letting the horse cool down and made to turn around and do it right.

Now I am older and have more concept that I can be hurt, but not enough to keep me from loving all up on as many horses as I can get around. My hands tremble with nerves every time I am around them, though how much of that is fear and how much excitement, I have no idea.

Afterwards we had a great shoot, to top it off. Naturally, I had my camera with me all day.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Silent Goodbye

I thought of you yesterday, while I took down my show. You're there, in everything that I printed. It felt like celebrating you, it felt like celebrating us- or what I thought we were. I pulled the photos off the walls and said goodbye, to the person I was the day before, to the person I was last year. To the person I was a minute ago, even. I said goodbye to you, looking in your eyes as I peeled you away and I apologized to you, silently, for all the things I did wrong. I forgave both myself and you for our mistakes. I didn't even bother to think about them all, or point fingers. It doesn't matter. What matters is that I let you go, and I forgive myself. That I move forward with the person I want to be.

I spent a lot of time thinking you were the best thing I'd ever found, the most amazing person in the world - that if I couldn't keep you in my life, I wasn't anything. Something in me put you on a pedestal, above me, above everything. I was wrong. Not that you aren't amazing, but that I am any less amazing. I told you once that I will love you forever, and I will. I told you that I wanted you in my life always, and you will be- even if we don't talk. You are a sister to me, a heart sister. My soul will always recognize you as the lovely being you are. I will cary you within my work, a part of me, a part of my experiences.