Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cafe Thoughts

I could sit at this cafe for hours longer, even though I've been here for hours and I am frustrated with how much I have to do and how little I really have gotten done. I look at this list and it doesn't seem so hard, yet I sit here and I find it difficult... I suppose when you've let things get quite out of hand it takes a long time to sort it all out and put everything in place. I almost said "back" in place, but I don't think it was ever quite right. Indeed, I've thrived in being chaotic. I've wanted to disrupt, destroy, upset the balance- and grin, standing in the middle of it all. But I don't desire that anymore. I want to pick it all up, examine every piece and place it neatly where it belongs. I don't mind taking my time. I want to know every part of my world that I've created and built and collected. I want those entering my world to not be wild eyed and crazed, excited to see what I will do to lead them into some insane adventure- but to enter confident and comforted and powerful, building on creativity and inspiration. I want to be a muse in every way, to help people find their strength, art, love, passion. I want to save the world of mediocracy.

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