Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I never make Resolutions but I do like to think of a new year as a new start... I also think of my Birthday as a new start, as well... which is conveniently half way through the year, so every six months I get a new start, haha.

This year I desperately want to work on bettering myself. Drinking less, reading more. Being a bit less outspoken and more calm instead. Listen more. But most of all, become more positive, happy and optimistic. I want to be content with myself and what I'm doing, instead of always feeling like I'm wallowing in my self pity, loneliness and self consciousness.

I spend so much time wanting friends and a lover of my own that all the time between I'm wrought with heart ache. I think this needs to be the start of the end of that. Wake up every day for ME and doing what I want and what makes me happy- and healthy.

Perhaps having such a shitty day yesterday was a good thing, a final kick in the ass that says, Meagan, if you want it, make it.

If you want it, Make it.


1. Read more, party less.
2. Speak less, listen more.
3. Sleep at night, get up in the morning even if I can't sleep through the night.
4. Work out.
5. Formal shoot at least once a week.
6. No drinking during the weeks when school is in session.
7. Quit smoking by the end of the year.
8. Travel out of the country
9. Write something daily (journal/letter/blog/etc)
10. Continue eliminating people and circumstances that are a negative influence on my life.