Monday, April 21, 2008

Adorable and Strolling

I'm sorry, but look at that face. I just want to attack him with love and hugs and random leg humping! Awe. Those olives are lookin pretty tasty, too.


Yesterday was not only Sunday but 4-20... so after the shoot I had yesterday, my friend Stacie calls me up and wants to hang out. We go to the park with her dog and a 6-pack of Saranac around seven, with the plan to drink the sun down. That we did. Two guys drive by just as it's starting to get dark and she knows one of them, they hang out and we smoke more. Then there's a truck with glaring headlights that is actually the park ranger doods and we're like cross-eyed and he's like 'can't block the road, anyway we're closing down' and backed up and the boys split like rabbits and we cleaned up and I retreated us back to my apartment.

We hang out for a moment and then decide to walk to the gas station (about five blocks away), which, having grown up in central/upstate New York, I know this isn't a great idea. But whatever. She grew up in California. They, apparently, don't have the problem of leering men in every other car, of slow moving vehicles and catcalls. We even got asked if we wanted to smoke cronick (sp?).

These are times when I feel really wary of being a girl, I can't even walk down the street after dark, and it wasn't even that late (tenish?). This is also one of the reasons I love new york city, in the city, you're invisible, for the most part. Everyone is doing their own thing and have too much going on to worry about whether they can harass, steal or otherwise abuse two girls at night. Down the main street. I just.. don't get it.

Although I don't walk around any streets, usually, unless it's with James in NYC. And then, you know, I'm invincible, unstoppable, indestructible!!


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