Thursday, April 3, 2008

End of the Semester

The semester is winding down and suddenly I feel frantic to get experience in the studio, to print everything I can, to scan everything, to shoot everyone, to GO GO GO GO GO

Which is all fine and dandy.... except the part where I dont' have the money to process film. I think I'll break down and try to shoot more digital. I've got such a hangup.

I checked my midterm grades (never did, they were done weeks ago..) and I have a B, B, C... the C being in the one class that I feel I should have an A in. Maybe if my professor cared to look at my work, he wouldn't just guess on a grade. One of the B's is from my Science of Light class that I haven't attended in about a month.. but I talked to my professor and it looks liek I'll be able to pass alright. Good. Gotta give the Fam the Good Grades.

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frankpetronio said...

I think that photo of Jess is one of your best ever portraits, DUDE