Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is Holly, owner and sole maintainer of Thriftwares.
Lastnight, she introduced me Sparks. I was hyper as fuck.
I really like this photo,
God damn artificial lights; Bow to natural light!

Two things:
1. I'm sitting in the school's library. I love libraries. I love books. I love the way they smell, and the quiet, and all the people's words and thoughts and knowledge. I'm sitting near my favorite section: Religion

2. I've got a new apartment, and no one to tell about it. No to-do, no helping hands, no planned house warming. Though Holly did agree to come over and help me decorate.. Though I don't have much to decorate with (let alone a real bed or full couch). I do have this sweet canopy thing that I think I'll finally drape over my bed. And hope the cats wont tear it to shreds. I plan on getting rid of a lot of stuff, too... mostly clothes. I have a lot of clothes.

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