Thursday, March 6, 2008

Old New Stuff

Lastnight I decided to take negatives from previous years and scan them, re-edit old photos and edit ones I've never looked at except on a contact sheet, like this one. Her name is Kayla Jo, and I met her at Drum-n-Splash in 2006. Really sweet and beautiful girl.. She gave me her email, and I was going to send these to her and ask her to model for me again, but her email is dead. Bummer. Drum-n-Slash is this hippy week-long drumming/camping event at a place called Four Quarters on the southern most boarder of Pennsylvania. The "splash" comes in with a nearby stream (where the hippies get naked). It's really fun and laid back, people are really nice there. Four Quarters has week long (some two weeks!) events all summer. I hope to go this year.. I missed last year.

None the less... I wanted to renew my faith in myself by looking at old photos that I like. Gives me hope that I wont suck at studio portraits for forever.