Thursday, March 13, 2008

I miss my baby

Pan is on m y lap purring away and I'm petting him and kissing him and as usual white hair gets everywhere... on my clothes IN MY FACE. But I love him just the same. Artemis took a nap with me earlier.

I found a new apartment!! YAY

(note: Thursday. Garbage Day. Don't forget.)

Saturday all the craziness starts. St Patrick's day is the biggest day of the year, here in Utica, at least. All the Italians suddenly have a bit of Irish and all the Irish have no Italian, etc. I have to be there at eight am! ACK, I'm going to bust my ass, I CAN"T WAIT. Srsly. (MONIES)

I think when I get back from Spring VayCay, I'll tear apart my apartment to look for only the bear necessities I need to take with me to the New Apartment (Holy Fuck, I can't wait!!). I feel like ditching most of my stuff, downsizing, getting rid of the majority of my clothes, leaving behind crap I don't need and let my asshole landlord pick it up.

I can't wait to be rid of him.

I also can't wait to be back in that safe, comfortable, great little space in Brooklyn that houses my sanity and favorite treasures and heart and stupid stuffs like that...

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James M Graham said...

there's plenty of room for you in that safe, comfortable, great little space in Brooklyn...