Monday, March 24, 2008

Sick? Ew.

Jessayln took this and I fucking love it. Looks like something I'd shoot... actually, I'm jealous ;)

Sitting in the school's lab right now, ignoring the First Years as best I can. Before the swamped the area, I was able to develop five rolls of 1600 in one shot. I dig processing Fuji 1600... 4 1/2 minutes developing time and 4 minute fixer? Shiiit, that's half the time as Tmax 100 (what I normally shoot..). Of course I've been shooting in different light and circumstances, so this is appropriate and convenient.

Brought 8 rolls of colour to Danella's (local public lab) four of which are from Sander's Rollei :)

I figure between what they get done at Danella's today and the five I've already developed myself, I can scan a bunch of shit when the studio opens up.

Why am I rambling about this shit? No one cares. I guess I'm just proud.

Besides that, I'm all super sick and coughing and sniffling and slept for 13 hours last night. All hopped up on dayquil to get me through my day.


brooke lynne said...

Ahh...Dayquil. It has saved me many a time.

Hope you get well soon. :)

James M Graham said...

Get better, baby.