Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Start the Semester off Right

Photo I took with my 440 polaroid. I love it. Sarah is beautiful.

I'm in NYC and am having a hard time seperating responsability from my heart. I love it down here, and my life in this small world with a man I adore. Conversation, wine, cigarettes, pool and bowling, awesome friends in quiet bars. I've burned through like ten rolls of film just with a point and shoot, taking random photos. My cats are here with me, which is nice. And are just getting comfortable, then I shove them back in the car.

Skipped my first day of classes yesterday, and am going to skip my class for tonight, as well. I don't give a fuck, though, cause first days are bullshit anyway. The important one I go to is Science of Light 2, tomorrow. Can't miss that one. I'm real good at justifying pretty much anything. It's just so nice here! Whatever, at least I'm taking photos. And Chris dragged me into a bar bathroom again to take photos, which is neat. See! Modeling and taking photos and drinking with friends and being happy! Shiiiiit, totally worth missing a couple classes. ;)

I just don't want to leave.

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