Monday, January 14, 2008


One week, 1, 300 miles, 22 hours of driving, 2 countries, 4 cities, 4 states, 2 photographers, 2 cats, 1 MILF, 2 drunken nights, 110 dollar ticket: 83 in a 65, 6 smokes inside, 1 incident at the boarder, 200 dollars spent, 1 flying lesson, 9 family members, 1 grave visited, 1 dead father actively ignored, 1 sister to beat around the bush, 1 man to grip at my heart.

I'm finally home and I'm that sort of tired that makes girls like me cry. Been on the road for ten hours and smoked one more cigarette, this time in the comfort of my own home. I still have to bring in a bunch of shit from my car and pack for New York City, which I'm getting up for at eight am. I barely have the strength to sit up let alone trek up and down the stairs burdened with my over packing. I just want to sleep for a of couple days.

I'm shaking from lack of sleep, lack of food and caffeine. Pan and Artemis are mad because I don't have food for them, which is why I'm getting up so early.. have to go get them food before I catch my train. Thank god I can sleep on that ride.

My heart aches.

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