Thursday, January 10, 2008


My grandfather got a little Cessna trainer plane so my aunt could learn to fly. Today, he took me up in it. It's the first time I've flown with him in like four or five years, and it's just as fun as it used to be. I didn't fly it much myself, because I was stupid timid, but really I just wanted to go up with him to spend time and to have some fun. I did have fun, too, cause he did just what he used to when we were little: up, down, side-to-side.. only more so. We did these not figure-eights figure-eights (not upside-down) that really pushed and shoved your gut good, which is always fun. It's neat looking out the window and looking straight at the ground. I've never seen my grandfather so excited.. Though he was a little bummed that I wasn't more agressive about learning and flying myself, but I needed a warm-up go, yaknow? IT"S A PLANE, dammit, totally foreign and stuff. I had the little point and shoot that Frank gave me and was snapping pictures and giggling and that's basically all I did. I listened to all the stuff Grandpa told me about the instruments and how to fly and what does what, which is real interesting to me as it is. So now I think I'll eventually have to learn how to actually fly and get my license. I may need it when the apocalypse comes.

That, and I've added something to my Life To-Do List:
-Find an aerobatics pilot to take me flying and to photograph... though not in the plane. Obviously.

I'm also trying not to want to go to Fashion Week. Not that I know what that even means. I do a good job at pretending I hate fashion.

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