Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I've failed my Photo-J class four times

Have you ever tuned your thoughts around a song and thought it was a love song, only to find out it was heartache? Do you see music as pictures, moving or still? I love seeing the story. The colour of hair or the sneakers. Has a photo ever made you cry? Once really sticks out to me. I was going through these photo books at a used bookstore, it was a LIFE book, I think.. There was a photo of some act of war or terrorism, and there were people digging in the dark rubble and everything was dark colours, dirt all over the man in the middle, carrying over his head the broken body of a baby in a white nightgown. Thinking about it makes me pissed. That's when I realized how great photojournalism could be. I started looking at National Geographic instead of Vanity Fair. I found waterfalls and cliffjumpers. Aids in Africa. Animals going extinct. Glaciers melting. Beautiful waters and trees and food and people. Makes me feel like fashion can go suck a cock or maybe just my pinky toe. I'd rather try to fuck it all up something awesome.

Hmmmmm... I'll go start writing the game plan. Who's in?

(still like fashion)

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