Thursday, November 29, 2007


I took this of Photographer Frank Petronio over the last spring, the first time he shot me. I came out to shoot with him today and I'm pretty excited to have new photos by him. We did the whole Hotel thing, which I'm new at so I'm down (like syndrome?). Can't wait to see them, and on top of that, this shoot has gotten me rekinddled to go and shoot with more photographers. I'm so picky, though, I only want cool and talented people to shoot me, which I think is just dandy.

I have a job interview at a cafe tomorrow... or, not really an interview, I already have the job through a friend, I just have to meet the owners. I have to start making mad loot so I can travel and prove to these dumbass photographers that I'm worth shooting.

Frank compared moving as a model on your own to a dance. Click, change.. click, change. I could do this forever, and doesn't it make me feel pretentious? Is it so silly to want to be part of it. "It". Sometimes I think I should just hang up the Model Meagan and go to school for something practical, but I can't think of anything I'd rather do. Cultural anthropology? Riligious studies? Fuck, I think I can impact someone through photography, but I guess it just comes down to what makes me happy. Besides, that's what Mommy always taught me, find a job that you're happy doing. I'm retarded happy modeling.

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