Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is Andrea.

I took this last spring, I think. I remember all the preparation it took. I seem to also remember leaves, so maybe it was spring. A year ago. I had to coordinate a piercer to throw hooks in her arms and back, borrow a camera from a friend, find a time when I could use another friend's apartment because he had this sweet tub with the oval curtain rod where I could string Andrea up.

Lastnight, I had a long talk with her at two am. Somewhere down the line I forgot that while she has a passive, dry and sometimes cold acting outer personality, she's such a good and caring friend. It comes down to all the chaos in my life right now, she brought to my attention some things I needed to hear. Truth hurts and all that shit.

Tonight is the biggest night for clubs and bars. Everyone's home for Thanksgiving and ready to not be home, to go get blasted with their home-town buddies and sleep till noon and eat themselves to sleep.

I, however, am the only one at the bar who doesn't have an actual shift. I get to go to Herkimer (a small town outside of Utica, it takes me a half hour to drive there from my house on the other side of Utica. There are two Holly rocks, one there and one in Utica. Utica is bigger, so that's where you want to be. Obviously) and be backup for a girl... IF she needs me, if she doesn't, I go back to Utica and do what I want. Which probably means getting cranked myself.

Though I've decided to use today for a photo Journalism project, six picture spread. You know, for the class I haven't attended in over a month. But I'm still enrolled so I figure I'll do some projects and hand them in, see how it goes over. Besides, it gets me out wiht my camera, and that's good.

Good luck to all ya'll. Happy Gettin Fucked Up Day.

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