Friday, November 16, 2007


James' photos of me are the only ones who make me think a real "fuck you". Like suddenly because I'm naked, I have more to work with, and with that sort of baring skin, may as well bare something else too. Hell, if I can't get people to listen with my clothes on, maybe I'll try it with my clothes off. I guess a big part of why I think it's a "fuck you" is because I actually want to pursue modeling, and I've been led to believe that if you do art noods then yer jest effing fecked for "real" shit. Well guess what, I'll do it all and I'll do it proud.

Here are my tits. Or one of them, as the case may be. God forbid.

So, in my lashing out to find some definition for myself, to change my life drasticly, I think I'll start by dying my hair back normal and taking out my lip rings. Instead of shoving how I feel in people's faces, I'll keep to myself. More listening, less talking.

Ahh, growing up is a pain in my ass.

Who am I kidding.. I just think this photo, and others here and there (that just so happen to be with my clothes off) feel more me, to me.

Someone make me stop thinking, it's starting to drive me nuts just a tad. I'm so obsessed with photos, people and words.

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James M Graham said...

I'm honored, and you - you are wonderful.

There is absolutely NO WAY I'd ever make you stop thinking.

I'd just shoot you at that very moment...

Keep writing.

xo - JMG