Sunday, November 25, 2007

Miss Bohling

This photo is by Jaime Bohling, about three years ago. My first year in college and one of my suitmates at the dorm happened to be an awesome photography major. She is still one of my favorites, though rarely shoots anymore, which is sad. It was really cold this day, and we had a bus full of kids pass by, haha. She's really great though, I love her style.

Anyway, It's been brought to my attention of what a bitch I come across as. Instead of looking at me like I'm a terrible person, does anyone wonder maybe I have a lot of shit going on? Sure I shouldn't take it out on people, but I don't mean to, anyway. Oh well, I chalk it up to growing up, though not lightly.

It also surprises me to find the difference of people who look at photography and modeling. Or better, they way people look at them. I don't think many people understand that to get a great image, you have to have a talented photographer and a talented model who share an idea or concept. I've never failed to walk away with awesome images when those things are in place.

It also makes me so sad when I never get my images. I put my heart and soul into modeling, I love it more than anything. To think that a photographer would just take that away from me after I already gave him/her my passion, time, talent, whatever... it's heartbreaking and angering. I feel cheated. I hate cheaters.

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