Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Post One

After looking at James Graham's blog for months, I've decided to create my own. He took this photo a few months ago. I am quite obsessed with his style.

The first bit of my life that I'll share is quite trivial. I have two cats, a boy (Pan) and a girl (Artemis). They look just alike, and are brother and sister from the same litter.

Pan is laying in my lap between my stomach and my laptop right now, purring excessively and spreading his legs for me to pet his tummy. He's the Whore kitty, but I love him for it. Artemis gives me love in the morning, when my alarm goes off, or any time I'm just waking up. They like to stalk bugs, birds outside the windows, and the water while the shower is running. They wish they were turkish vans, though pretty near have heart attacks if the water comes up and jumps at them. Pan fell in the tub earlier, it was fucking hilarious.

My sister thinks I'll be an old cat lady. I wouldn't mind.

(it is raining. I love the rain)

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theFstopshere said...

James' blog will do that to a guy/girl (make them want their own).
welcome to the blogosphere