Friday, November 16, 2007

Post Two

I think it's becoming a normalcy for me to be obsessed with nude photos when I'm going through change. In this photo, I sit on my dirty kitchen floor which is a tag gross, but I guess that's why I like it. Puts a new spin on dirty cooch, haha.

Yeah I know, I'm not that funny... Shutthefuckup. :)

In other news...

I've just returned from work, a grueling night at the bar, hours filled with doing nothing. I turned on the Discovery channel for a while. Some guy from Paramount Pictures came in, of course I didn't know this till later. He sat down and ordered a beer, asking me if it's always this cold here. I told him it'd get a lot colder, and asked him where he was from. Los Angeles. Laughing, I asked why he was here.

"Business" he says.
"Isn't that the only reason someone would come here from LA?" He laughed. We got to talking.

Now, within a few minutes of a man talking to me, I've got them pretty well pegged. He avoided talking about himself, asked me questions about what I was doing with my life, made great eye contact and had a pretty watch. So I laid it down real good for him. Told him my goals, dreams and plans. He ate it up, which is good. Thank god I still have charm with blue hair to strangers from LA. Not that I think this guy can actually help me out anywhere, but it's good practice. You never know. He was nice, though.

I digress.

None the less, I can't figure out how to get a little icon on my about me section, which makes me feel dumb. But I did tweek the HTML, which makes me feel un-dumb. Though it's still not quite how I want it. I wish I could know everything. haha


theFstopshere said...

looks like you figured out the icon thing on your "about me".
congratulations... you're "undumber" than you thought you were.

Meagan Sample said...

I did, though the way I have a photo up there is different than the icon. I haven't decided what to use as an icon, yet hehe I don't know if I even care, either ;-p