Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye Again, Prosper

This is Prosper.

I took this last winter, I think. I remember it was for a "window light portrait" assignment and there was snow. It's the only time I could get him to pose for me.

It's funny how people act in front of the camera. So many people freeze up and don't act themselves until you shove the lens in their face a few dozen times.

He looks exposed, doesn't he? A deer. Some part of him wanting to be remembered a certain way. All this does for me is remind me of all the shit and arguments we went through, doesn't make me remember the good times. That hard line of his mouth just screams "I am Someone" but his eyes look vulnerable. To me, at least. Maybe it's just because I know him.

Three years of knowing him and nothing has changed. Same questions, same comments, same arguments, same jokes.

Some people don't know what friendship means.

It's a confusing thing, knowing someone.

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cafe selavy said...

saw something on JMG's site that brought me to yours. glad i came. good writing. honest, snotty, sweet. i'll be reading.