Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cafe, NYC, etc

Went down to NYC for a night with Frank. Met Nerlande, and she's just as awesome as I expected. Frank and I didn't end up shooting very much, mostly hanging out, which was cool, but I would have liked to get some more shots in than we did. Oh well, there's always next time.

It was the most depressing trip to NY I've ever made, mostly because my sister Melody was so close and I couldn't go see her because we aren't talking.

The place Frank and I stayed at was right next to the Church of Scientology. Suddenly I desperately want to know more about it. You know, because walking by several times, drunk and making faces at them caused a chain reaction inside of me to understand this crazy thing called Scientology. It's my obsession with anything religious or occult. It's totally facinating and I totally believe in ali-ums.

May I just mention again that my cats are pretty much the best things ever. Obsessed with them as well. I'm obsessed with a lot of things.

Saw the Golden Compass. I loved it, of course. I love anything fantasy, magical, childish, fantastic, etc etc.

This photo is of two girls at this hippy fest I try to attend every year. So far I've gone twice. It's called Drum-n-splash and it's where all these hippy types get together and drum all day and all night. Day time is when you take drumming or dancing classes, and then at night use those learned skills at either of the two big bonfires and everyone acts tribal and no one is judgmental. It's wicked fun. And the "splash" part comes in because of a stream/water hole where said hippies get naked. Actually there's generally a lot of nakedness. I'm shy though, so I don't get naked.

Anyway, it's a super bad scan of the shitty print, not the good print, so forgive me my lazines. This photo and two others got put up in a cafe in a small town right outside of Utica. I priced them really ridiculously like $93.17 which, clearly, I think is hillarious.

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