Saturday, December 15, 2007

Four AM Inspiration Kick

Well it started at the beginning of the night at some point. When I got home I decided to look through a fat magazing I didn't think I'd searched through yet. Apparently I did, because there were already pages ripped from it, though I ripped a lot more out. There's this article about Djuna Barnes, and I am now dying to get her book [i]Nightwood[/i]. Her photo attracted me, of course, as that's what's always grabbing and leading my attention. I figure if there's good photos, and writing, the words must be good, too. I fear that I am the last to hear about this woman, or perhaps I fear to not be. Maybe my expectations are high. We'll see.

I went out to a club - I mean bar - with my friend Andrea and a few other people. Because of it, I have semi-planned shoots with three people, all with really solid ideas. Sometimes I'll just see an image that just grows when I meet a person, or see them in different light or atmosphere. Those always turn out the best.

I was talking to this girl Jess who I've known for years and I keep telling her I want to photograph her, but never calling her to make official plans. I told her I love the process of shooting with someone I barely know, and developing a relationship over a few different shoots. And then I realized how true it is, and I never do it. I've been mostly all talk. I'm starting to think that my main professor, Jerome, is right. Maybe I'm actually talented.

I'm going back to school next semester, signed up for the classes yesterday. Jerome gave me incompletes for PhotoJournalism and Studio (table top), so I have until the end of next semester to finish these classes, which is awesome. I'm good at both (Studio, surprisingly..) and like everything else I could be good at - I just have to go do it. The other classes I've signed up for are Seminar (to take in your last semester, polishing up your portfolio and pretty much shooting whatever you want), Topics (digital Studio fashion), Digital 2 (Digital location fashion), History of Photo 2, and Science of Light 2 (tells you WHY your eyes/lens does/sees the things it does). I may not end up taking one or two of these classes, as it may be too much, but I want them all. I'm pretty gun-ho on doing this semester right.

Fuck Modeling. Both are fun, and I hope to do both, but I have to put my energies where they're best used. Maybe Model Mayhem will be useful after all. ;)

So I guess all is not at a loss here in Utica, NY.

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