Monday, February 4, 2008

Utica is different with you

James came to Utica. I took photos of him and him and I in the studio (35mm, 120 and 4x5 but NOT digital) it was fun and I'll be getting the 4x5 back tomorrow morning. Very excited. I love love love working with the 4x5, though that was the first time I took a portrait with one. I love cameras.

I went to the school's lab to develop some 35mm and 120 b&w... mind you I have a little over an hour when I get tehre before I have to leave. I get a 5-roll developing tank for 3 35mm and one 120. Spent like 20 minutes struggling to get the 120 on, I've never rolled one before. It was a serious pain in my ass. So 10 minutes to roll the other 35mm and I had the labtech hold my tank for later. I was way frustrated over the 120. I hope it wasn't the roll of James cause I'm pretty sure I fucked that roll up. I tried to be patient and gentle....

my computer's running out of battery, I'm at some cafe and didn't bring my power cord. Damn addictions. Only have one more hour to waste before I can head back to school. I want to print something to be proud of, dammit!!

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