Friday, February 15, 2008

Today? Today I'm Angry.

I'm often angry.
I'm working on it.
However... when my bank bends me over and rapes me in the ass, I get pissed. None the less, Nan bailed me out of starving to death, which is nice of her. I promised to take care of her in her old age. She said, "I am old. Just watch your money." I get it I get it. You know how much I get it? Key Bank and every other bank can fucking blow me. I'm not using the bank record book that bitch handed me. What I'll do is take over the world and only ever use cash for the rest of my life. Those fuck faces wont track where I spend it or be able to charge me for over drawing. I'll have a safe under the floorboards and act real shady. I'll use my bank card for buying ridiculously expensive dresses and shoes and that's it. I think I may even find a cute Asian chick to follow me around with my money and pay for everything.

James, you cool with that? Yeah, of course you are.

Eek, easy way to put me in a better mood. Think about James.


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