Monday, February 18, 2008

Polaroids cover my floor and cats and cameras and film. Two dollars and fifteen cents a roll and handed back to me my cross processed snap shots. If only the darkroom were open all night... or god forbid the color processor was working, period. My life has once again resumed it's revolvement around photography, and for once beautifully balanced by someone who cares so much about the same Love. Who says polyamorous relationships don't work? I've never been so encouraged, inspired and driven. I'm working on an average of two or three shoots a week, and constantly with the Olympus point-and-shoot. Life is one step, two steps, baby steps in the right direction. Leaps and bounds in modest consciousness. Every day I show up at school (whether I have class or not) is a Fuck You to the idea that I've been there for going on four years. A cigarette with my first student-friends, and meanwhile Ideas of a skanky Asian-Anime themed Captures with silly acting Sam. Naps and wine and good conversations and cigarettes pass the time between photographic appeasement.

Today, Utica
Tomorrow, The World

Happy, talented Friends.

There's a family below me.
I feel bad
I turned up the bass
while listening to Tool.

I feel bad,
but not That bad.