Thursday, February 28, 2008


In February..
I traveled about 1,600 miles.
11 nights spent with James.
3 canceled shoots (as the photographer)

I love traveling, I adore James, I hate models flaking on me. It makes me feel like they don't respect me as a photographer at all... and given I'm just starting off, but if you agree to do it...

But my friend Andrea is coming over in the next couple days to play, so that's cool. She's real reliable and I respect that. I need to shoot more. I worked with Holly again today (the owner of a vintage ebay store) as last time, she had amazing clothes.. and showed me some of the pieces she has set aside for a shoot I'm modeling for next weekend, and I think *the photographer* will really like them.

Need... more... polaroids....

This one taken by Chris Bush at the Oscar Bashing Party I helped James host. Which was way fun, by the way. ;)

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