Saturday, May 3, 2008

Over priced, over worked

I'm too stressed out about the end of the semester, just one ball of anxiety and on the edge of crying, which I did finally do today when a friend was joking around and told me that the school's scanner was broken. He got pissed when I burst into tears and I felt awful silly. Pifft, girls.

These are photos from my first and second semester, three years ago. The bottom one is from a trip to NYC about a month into my college experience and I knew nothing and was completely like "how do I set my camera??" And I was (and still am) happy with this photo... unfortunately the negative "disappeared" so all I have is this web file... bummer.

Anyway.. Went to Danella's (local camera store) and cleaned them out of 120 colour film, a whole two rolls. Spent $62 there on this:

- 2 rolls processed, 35mm color
- 2 rolls t-max 100 35mm
- 2 rolls tri-x 400 35mm
- 2 rolls portra 160 120mm
- 1 roll ektachrome

Are you kidding me? At B&H I could have gotten three times as much film for that.... fuck.

Aren't I a ball of sunshine?

Well I'm scanning Sarah and Colin, Nerlande, her friend who I forget her name, and Diana. Which I'm stoked about.


Anonymous said...

you're still a bargain

brooke lynne said...

fuckin aye, girl. sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

I'm coming back out in June.
the pics from the stairs should be done by then or madness will ensue.


Good luck with all your shit.