Monday, May 12, 2008

More More MORE!

I don't even get the chance to be tired of recent photos before I'm convinced I'm sick of them and want something new, something better. It's never good enough. But I guess that's not a bad thing.

I keep saying to other people and to myself, "I've worked so hard this semester." And every time I say it I'm wondering if I'm trying to convince myself or if it's actually true. And then I think about how I barely work and when I do my money has gone straight to film, processing and going to see my baby. And I remember to be thankful that my grandmother has paid my rent while I'm enrolled in school (which I'm not necessarily proud of), and I have remembered and been grateful that I've been able to spend every penny and every minute doing what I love.

I'm just scared of the real world. But I'm ready.

I think.

But more pressing is my senior show. I want it to be just how I want it, and I'm so worried that it wont be. I'm just so worried.


Chip Willis said...

The first paragraph sums it up well.

The goal is to obsolete everything. It is unrealistic, but something to work towards. Better Better Better. Never Content.

Every now and then though, make sure you sit back and look at your work and smile.

James M Graham said...


Just look at the sunset light on the train tracks to the left of Chris. I saw that when you were shooting this shot and thought to myself, "That's the shit."


Cristina Ashley said...

You're doing wonderful for yourself Meagan...don't ever doubt that.

You have come so far and your work just keeps getting better and better.