Monday, May 26, 2008

One Roll

Took the Rolleiflex to a party yesterday afternoon... Had one roll left and I know I got some nice portraits, particularly one or two of this girl Molly. I've shot her a lot, but because she's so guarded and self conscious, so much always going on with her, but very pretty, she makes for an awesome subject. Also, my friend Eleni was there, who is a gorgeous Lebanese/Greek mix and who is very pregnant (due in three weeks). Both girls have gotten used to me shoving cameras in their faces, so they trust me to make sure they look good or whatever. I'm so excited. Everyone was asking me what kind of camera it was, many thought it was a film (moving) camera. I explained that it makes these super sweet square negatives and let them look through it.. mostly for my own enjoyment of, "wow, cool!". No shit, right?

I hope they came out, I had to guess on the exposure.

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