Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've sat down at a computer many times and pulled up my blog wanting to say something, and continuously draw a blank. Being in Michigan is the first step to an adventure I've been mentally planning for years. This desire to drive around the country and do some soul searching and photographic work is overwhelming and just a breath away. I thought at first I'd be able to find paid modeling work to make this dream a reality, yet I have a very hard time hunting down photographers who pay. Money talk makes me uncomfortable, for sure, so asking to have them hand over a certain amount for the lending of my tits weirds me out. But I so desperately want to travel around the country and really SEE it... photograph it myself... do some road meditating. Whatever. I'm sad and frustrated and feel like I'm suffocating, buried alive, drowning! I just wish things would neatly fall into place so that I knew I was going the right way. Fuck this winter! I don't want anything to do with it. I want to write on my typerwriter every day and take pictures constantly. Model for beautiful images and make money so I can actually do this.

fuck. I'm craving salad.

What a stupid entry. More tomorrow... at least I posted something.


Holly Anne said...

i hate times when it feels like you're trapped. nothing is worse than being stuck in a rut that you don't want to be in. hopefully you can get the money together to go on your trip. it sounds like it would be amazing.

oh, and i'm glad you posted again. i love your completely honest writing. it's good knowing that all people aren't a bunch of guarded people that never tell the full truth.

Sanders said...

Do it. Don't forget the Rolleiflex.

JoeBoo24 said...

I really like what you're doing. If you ever get to the Joliet, IL. area (40 miles south of Chicago), come by for a meal, possibly a place to crash, and maybe a photoshoot. I live with my wife and 2 year old boy, and we'd love to meet you. Good luck and safe traveling.

Meagan Sample said...

Sanders, I don't go anywhere without my Rolleiflex... !