Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moose and being Upstate

I feel so stuck and tortured up here in upstate NY!

Though not completely.

I've been taking care of the family dog Moose while my mother's in Florida through til Thanksgiving with my Grandmother, who moves there for the winter. Snow bird and all that. So I agreed to watch the house, take care of the dogs, etc, while she's gone. Sounds like it wouldn't be that bad, you know, having the house to myself and all that... but there is just NOTHING to do in Watertown.

I guess I should try harder. Shoot something or something.

Not having wifi also drives me bat shit. Not that the internet is that interesting anymore, but at least it's something.

anyway, here is a link to my Etsy store 

It's only got a few prints up on it right now, but I'm really trying to push selling a few of these. I'd like to get super 8 film, more paper to print on, and a nice light meter. Among other things but at the moment that's what I really want :)

At least sitting around with nothing to do encourages me to write and read more.

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jimmieknuckles said...

Well my light meter is always available, and I do hope you believe there are some positive things about upstate, including the proximity to a certain super fly family