Friday, November 25, 2011

Thoughts on Cruelty

Two things to start off with: 
A) My Hasselblad got stolen from my mother's car
B) I keep getting anon hate on my Tumblr, and I assume it's by the same person

While one is the act of hate by a random person, the second is an act of hate by someone who has singled me out to harass me personally. 

Both hurt. I don't know who the harasser is or who stole my camera, but they are both people who have lost a sense of right and wrong, who are desperate in one way or another. I have a hard time wrapping my head around it, because I live my life as good and honest as I can. I don't spend time talking shit about people, or hating people I don't know, I don't steal or cheat or lie. I'm not going to say that I never slip up, but I hold my life as something that I want to look back on and recognize my hard work and feel like I've earned everything I've worked for- honestly. 

That being said, every obstacle that comes my way will be overcome. My best camera stolen by a crackhead? My car impounded? Cruel anonymous words? Whatever it is, nothing will stop me. Nothing will break my spirit. 

Keep it comin. With every fight I get stronger.

And as a friend of mine has told me many times, it's not the camera, it's the person holding it. 

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Jem said...

Meagan, I found your blog a couple of days ago. You're a very beautiful young woman, and there's just such an honesty about your photography, your modeling and your writing.

For some reason, people find it a lot harder to express their hatred and negativity online. I'm sorry you've been a victim of that.

I just wanted you to know that there's at least one person out here in the internet who enjoys your work. I get the sense that you're a great well of potential, that there's so much creativity just waiting for an outlet. All I can say is this: it's up to you, no one and nothing else, and you look plenty strong enough.