Friday, July 1, 2011

Rant first, Birthday update later

People keep telling me to go digital.

Yes, yes, I get it, I understand where you are coming from...

But when was the last time you told an artist who uses oil paints they should use Illustrator instead? Like common, stop telling me how the fuck to do what I do.

Or you could give me $2,000 and shut your face and I'll get myself a digital camera.

I LIKE film. I understand that digital is faster and more convenient and blah blah blah but I LIKE film, okay? It's not just some hipster kitchy thing I'm doing, it's just my medium of choice. Yes, I would love a digital so that I can make my turn around faster, I can test shots out and experiment, I can shoot in lower light and I can take tuns of shitty pictures without burning through my film.

See? I get it, I really do. But I dont' have the money to buy a camera, anyway. Hopefully soon I will but I live my life like a straight vagabond most of the time. Doesn't leave much room for thousands of dollars of equipment.

besides... stop telling me what to do and how to do my work.

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