Monday, July 18, 2011

Dear Mister,

You know... I look at your website and the pictures you have posted of me and I find myself crying, bursting into tears at the person you see me as, of who you portray me as, a person I hate and I hate you for not seeing more than that of me, of not seeing me as any sort of pretty or good person, slandering me next to pretty pictures of my sister, torturing me with regret for ever trusting you and letting you take my picture and pretend to be my friend, forgiving you over and over and putting my faith in you. I really hate you for it, I hope you know... and you're so fucked up, you'll probably read this and be happy to know you continue to cause me distraught anxious frustrating tears of regret. You are the worst thing that happened to my modeling, and I'm sure you're not done fucking me over. I am not the person you portray me as, the person you so desperately want to see me as. You are a fucked up old man and I don't know why you chose me to be at the receiving end of your nasty attacks.

and I have you blocked in my email and I think, I wonder if he's emailed me and low and behold there is more hate mail from you. I shouldn't be writing this for you to find, I shouldn't be letting you know how much you hurt me, but you do, you hurt me a lot, and I really don't deserve the hate you give me, I really don't. You talk about how much you hate me and what a terrible person I am but I don't even talk about you anymore except to tell people I don't like you because I trusted you and you stabbed me in the back and you continue to do so.. There is so much worse I could do to you or say about you but I don't.

I really wish I never met you.

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Julen said...

I think I know who the mister is, and even if not, I know what the mister is: a jerk.

You shouldn't even care of what that bastard does or says. No one should. He's not just nasty, but a bad person, who deserves nothing, and much less that you get sad because of him.

He wants your attention. Don't give it to him. I think the better way of acting is you to not visit his webpage, of course not open his emails, not even think about him. That will really piss him off.

Well, I suppose you know all that, after all, for the way you write, you are clever, but sometimes is good someone to remind you.

Hope you the best.