Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I had this friend, Eleni. She was Lebanese and Greek with long black hair. She was beautiful and always smiling and rolled her cigarettes and talked about living "off the grid". She loved whiskey and Ithica. She went to massage therepy school before I knew her and once gave me a massage, putting me half asleep. In this photo, we drove out to a park that she knew of. It was the end of winter or the beginning of spring and just warm enough to not be cold and just cold enough to still have snow. She was hung over and self consious. I had fun shooting her and she was a great sport. Afterwards, we went to a hick bar and drank scotch and played pool and messed with the locals. I was 18, she was 20.

Crazy how a few years can feel like so long ago. This picture was from another night, though no less fun. Eleni now has a baby. Nuff said.

I've quit smoking. There's this torture that I realized about the withdrawal from cigarettes that I can deal with and even enjoy. It's the same pit in my chest that I felt when I missed James so much when I was in Utica. I have an addictive personality.

Rolls of film are starting to build up. All I need is developer to develop my own film, hurray! I have vague plans of stealing some from MVCC. Wish me luck!

God I love being up until the sun comes up.

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