Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I just found math I like!

"For films and Plates: mix 1 part of this solution with 3 parts of water. At 18-20 C/ 67-70 F in fresh fixer, fix films and plates for 2-4 minutes with these exceptions: fix Kodak Panatomic-X filmsfor 1-2 minutes;fix Kodak Tri-X Pan Professional Films for 5-10 minutes. Discard the fixing bath when the time to clear exceeds one-half the total fixing time. Under normal conditions, if an acid stop bath such as Kodak indicator stop bath is used between development and fixation, this diluted bath will fix about 120 rolls of 620 film or the equivalent per gallon."


Ash said...

Dev dilutions are great. I read them over and over every time I go to develop a film, and I've been dev'ing my own for at least 4 years now. Somehow I'm always quite liberal with this or that... it makes the results less consistent, but WAY more fun. I get paid a week friday. I'll see what I can send your way.

What camera did you get btw?

Anonymous said...

How old is the chemistry that still refers to 620 film?

Don't forget that you can add 10cc of your urine per liter of water to make free stop bath.

It's organic.

Meagan Sample said...

Ash- I got an agfa isolette.. which has been quite interesting to play with, I hope I can get the hang of focusing it. Shot a roll with it today! Er, yesterday.

Frank- lol

Ash said...

I'll def send that Cosina your way as soon as I have the pennies.

Don't go thinking you need a dslr.... and DONT go looking at the new Canon 5D mkII!;)