Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I shot this girl Sam today. She was awesome and she looked amazing in the dresses I have in my possesion that, of course, are Holly's . I can't decide if I like the colour or black and white better. I went a bit photoshop happy. Anyone have an opinion?

I got my film back from shooting Coni who was another gem. I'm really pleased with the girls I've been able to shoot lately. Girls like Coni and Sam who are talented and new, who actually like my work and want to work with me. And I think they each gave me a cavity. Which is nice.

I've got so many shots of Coni.. I'll be editing for days haha. But I don't mind. And I'm sure I got some great stuff with Sam today. Makes me happy.

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Chris said...

Color. You lose the sense of movement and the multiple exposure feel in the arms, etc., in the sepia version.