Wednesday, April 2, 2014


When I was younger I used to say “only boring people get bored!” and believed it for years. But I was young and nieve and now I am older, and have been through some hell, peeking out from the dark at the light between the leaves here and there and knowing there is more to life, more to a simple existence. I stepped of the marked path and started into the thick of the woods with my head held high and now I’m trekking on, alone with wild determination and thick soles, waiting to cross paths with other travelers, adventurers and general fuck-you’ers. I want the dirt and sweat and the tears, I want the hidden waterfalls and the mythical Great Valley, Neverland, Home Tree. There is more to life than beauty, skinny, fame and riches. I am a fucking explorer; a nomad, looking for my tribe.

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