Wednesday, April 30, 2014


when I see you naked on the internet, my brain screams no - I want to cover you up, close my eyes, make it disappear. You are better than that, and I am a hypocrite.

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Stephen Jeffers said...

It's different, because you're going beyond 'look at me'. If you were a poet, you wouldn't feel like a hypocrite because other people used words when they tweeted. If you were a competitive runner, you wouldn't feel like a hypocrite when you saw people walk.

This is about striving for, never quite getting to, something honest, something powerful. You're exposing way more than just your body, and that *should* be something you take seriously and think about. It should be something that makes you restless. You should be thoughtful. You should be anxious that you're not just being crass or obvious.

Every photo I've seen of you feels like a story or a poem.

You have found something that few people are good at, something that's easy to do badly and almost impossible to do well, and you are superb at it.