Friday, September 9, 2011

Small Town Reflections

So I've been in Gouverneur for five days now, and until today I haven't exactly left the house, except to the gas station across the streets for snacks. Not for any other reason except for the fact that I've been totally and completely engrossed in scanning and editing pictures. I have a lot more to go, but I'm getting antsy, so today I went for a run, down to my old Elementary school (I was only there one year, but it was still nostalgic.. and small) and through the path in the woods they have there. It was great, I really enjoyed myself, and I've enjoyed being alone and quiet. Of course, I've been keeping my brain distracted with Buffy while scanning, but I'm in the last season, so by sometime tomorrow I'll have no more Buffy, which is good. Then it's on to exploring more of the town. It'd be nice if I could maybe put some of my work up in the cafe here, find a way to make some money to get business cards and my website up and running. Etc. It's all a bit rough but between selling most of my clothes and some of my other things, it should be a good start. I have a lot of prints, and I hope that I find people who want to buy a few of them, unfortunately there's a lot of portraits, and too personal.

I do wonder, what will happen when I try to tap into this little town. There's gotta be families wanting family portraits, highschool girls with dreams of modeling, and couples wanting romantic or saucy pictures... But it's interesting, because it wont take very long for me to infiltrate, it's one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. All I have to do is sit at the pizzaria or cafe for the next week. Shouldn't be too hard. It starts tomorrow, cause I gotta make money soon so I can get the rest of my film developed. Hm, plans plans...

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