Monday, December 27, 2010

Photo Journalism, C? really??

Miranda chasing after her boyfriend, Dominick

My professor for Photo Journalism gave me a C and I feel it's completely unfair. Okay, maybe not completely, seeing as I didn't exactly do many of the assignments that I was supposed to do- however, most of what I shoot is in a documentary and journalistic sort of way, or at least I think so. So I didn't shoot sports, weather or hard news, so what? I traveled the eastern half of the US as a model and took pictures most of the way- given most everyone hasn't seen most of those pictures, but so what? They're still there, and I let him look through my binders. I've shot more than anyone in the school this year, and have taken the class like five fuckin times. And I know he failed me in the past because he knew I could do so much better. But this time I spent my whole summer with Photo J in mind, and I still get a C. And you know what? That means I loose my State aid. Okay okay so it might also have to do with the Fs I got in my "gym" class and my math class. Stupid stupid stupid.

I guess on principle I feel I deserve at least a B in Photo J, seeing how much I shoot, and that I DO in fact, consider my self a "social documentary portraitists".

Watch, I fuck up so many semesters and crunch time comes along and my last semester will be stellar. I want that degree so bad it hurts.

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