Friday, December 3, 2010

Model and Photographer

This picture has really nothing to do with this entry, though I'm not entirely sure because, well, I haven't written the entry yet. But look how cute Melody and I are? Could those smiles be any bigger, eyes more squinty or hug tighter?! Naww, didn't thinks so.

We have a lot of problems, her and I, getting along. For multiple different reasons and such, but ultimately I know her and I will be best of friends again sometime soon, when our lives come back together after years of floating in other directions. I look forward to working with her- I want to work together as models and photographers, or some such combination.

After all, she IS the one who showed me how to use my SLR... She is the reason I took photography as a major at all, actually. In Highschool she took photography classes while I was off retaking classes, and she showed talent in it- I liked what she did so I figured that I couldn't be too bad at it, either. We ARE twins, afterall. Besides, it would be a great "backup" plan to modeling, and help me be a better model, too. You know, knowing both sides of the camera.

Fuck, man, what a good move. It's worked out pretty good for me, though is still quite the struggle. I look at all my work (esspecially lately, with the end of the semester just a week away) and I don't really like any of my work. I'm bored of it. And I don't have any one to shoot up here in Utica, NY. I don't want to struggle to get a good shot of someone, I want them to be on the same page as me, know how to move, and be unafraid of the camera.

I want models.

Melody has a lot of model friends. That'd be cool, if I were around all of them. But I'm not crazy about Chicago.. I want to be warm places!

We'll see, we'll see....

First order of business is passing all my classes this semester. Six days....

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alyssa jamison said...


i want models too. that know wtf. ya know? you know wtf. i never learned wtf as a model. but wtfgoddammit. im lucky i can shoot even a freaking quarter of a damn dime.