Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to School!

So I'm all enrolled in classes as of almost two weeks ago and waiting for my financial aid to come through. I'm anxious and dying to know whether I'll actually be able to go to school or not, or if I have to get a job to pay for rent. I'd rather not, I'd rather have loans and just bang out photography non stop for the next two semesters, it would be so amazing. I want that so badly. All I've been thinking about lately is having my own apartment again, with ALL of my stuff. Having a portrait corner with lights, my computer and external hard drive and scanner all set up. God damn I want a home again, my own place. I miss that so much. Cleaning high on Sundays and drinking coffee to some music or movie while networking online. My own space.

I also have three 8am classes this semester. All of them the four hour photo classes. Photo Journalism on Monday (whcih will be about the fifth time I've taken it... literally), Studio Techniques on Wednesday (all tabletop product, borinnnngggg) and Color Photo on Thursday, which is hilarious that I didn't pass it the last time I took it, I think. Cause clearly I can take colour photographs. I just have to, you know, do the assignments.

Which I'm really excited about, having assignments. In my dream land, I'll have enough student aid to cover all my photo shit (film, processing, paper, lights) and rent.. then I can do modeling jobs here and there for weekend trips to cover expenses to go off to other cities to work on my own projects.

It's all fabulously laid out, I just hope it works the way I want it to. Please please please! I want this so badly.

I want to do a project on documenting high school students. I like documenting people, in general. Like the picture above.

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