Friday, May 7, 2010

Traveling Companion

assisted self portrait by Melody, in Florida circa 2007

I'm in Columbus and I have found myself with my very own room in a beautiful house with a photographer who is very nice and gives me my space, which I need desperately. The wind is wild outside, blowing the semi-sheer curtains behind a chair which sits in front of an old desk with key holes. I wish I had a girl to sit her there. I see her; she's in a white dress or night gown and she's stretched out, head back, legs relaxed and splayed how you do when no one's watching. Maybe this wooden bed frame could get in the way a bit...

But I don't have a girl with me. Just ghosts of images with no way to get it out. And no, I don't want to do self portraits. Besides, I don't have a tripod. None the less, it's not me sitting in the chair, it's someone else, and I- I am here, behind the camera.

If I did have a traveling companion... how difficult do you think it would be to continue to couch surf with two rather than one?

And why is it so hard to find a pretty girl who is willing to let me photograph her across the country so difficult? They all say they have jobs, school or rent to pay. So? So did I. They have no money. Well, neither do I.

But I will crawl if I have to. I will do whatever it takes to complete this trip.

on another note, I seriously need a light meter.


the.sunshinegirl said...

just so you know: i think it is a great thing to do this trip.
i know how it is to be looked at with laughter, only because you do something out of the rhythm. i want to drive to Japan by car (starting in Germany) and everyone i told this just was like "hah, yes, sure...". it just sucks to dream dreams and let them BE dreams. i really admire you for REALISING you dream or, at least, something you want.
i would travel with you if i was in your country or at least on your continent and if we knew each other. and i mean that.

ursula said...

i wrote you a note o dA... i have a blog now!

i dont want to sound like an obsessed stalker or anything but i really think you are the most fascinating person in the world, you inspire me so much.

you kind of remind me of Gilda Besse (Charlize Theron) on Head in the Clouds. so autentic, so bizarre, and so unique.

Keira said...

Take me with you, or I'll take you with me, as we travel across and around and up and down the country. Nude and not nude. In silence and in adventure.

jan.p.k said...

wonderful shot!