Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet Rachael

"okay so long storyshort." I can almost hear Rachael's tone of voice, perhaps a hairflip and definately bumming a cigarette from me if we were actually hanging out, she continues her story over IM, "the man of my dreams whom i met once in my life and is a luetenitnt in afgan just imed me and said goodmorning. ahhhhh"

haha, her new lovestory.

This is the start of a whole new thread to add to our ridiculous list of things to talk about, which we're really good at doing. You know, talking. We just sit and tell eachother everything, let loose, rant, ramble, rave. It's like having another sister, straight up, and I love it. There is no judgment, just pure sharing and venting.

I dont' know about you, but when I have a great friendship with someone (or lovers) I like to think of the very moment I met them, and every moment after that. I am, after all, a visual hoarder and obsessor.

Listen, this bitch is NOT someone I'd normally be friends with. She does her hair every day and takes two hours to get ready for school. She has a big ass and wears tight jeans with heals. You know, pink and

sparkles and shit. You know? Uggs, man. Uggs.


I'm living in Utica, in this apartment that I really love. Green walls in the small living room, white in a small bedroom, red in a small kitchen, and a big beautiful white bathroom with a clawfoot tub. A big step u

p from my shit hole that I had before. This place had doors and a working shower and new appliances. It had a real lock on the door and real, nice working leak-free windows.

And my lease was up.

The apartment next door was free, but I didn't want to move, and it would be temporary, which was okay cause I wanted to leave anyway but I didn't want to give up my fucking clawfoot tub, dammit. So I just avoided my really awesome landlord and eventually it came that he had to move me next door and move the girl he promised could have mine in. Fuck. He brings her over and we sorta stressfully look at eachother and smile nice and I"m like god, this bitch is taking my home and I'm so not happy. Fuckin ugg wearing bitch. Look at her perfect hair. huff. But she was nice to me, and she just wanted her place and I didn't hate her I was just stressed.

But seriously, the apartment next door: WAY BETTER.

Three big rooms, one after another- railroad style. A partially wrap-around porch (second story!), bay windows in the front that got amazing light in the afternoon, hardwood floors, windows windows windows everywhere! Stainglass on the tops of the third room, in the back, where I put my bed on the floor and hung my canopy and the sun in the morning woke me up all warm and glowing through the colours of the floral glass. Small kitchen and bathroom and no tub but who cares! I traded a beautiful bathroom for a BRIGHT apartment, and I needed that desperately. I'm so sensitive to sun, you know? It makes me so much happier to be in the sunshine, let alone this beautiful apartment all to myself.

So shortly after she moves in, she invites me to smoke a blunt and we're like, BFF from then on. It was slow going at first but steady. We are terribly different, like could not be more different, but we're both open to being friends and we like eachother and we like talking and hanging out and that's what we do. We had cleaning days where we had "pow wow's" which consisted of sitting on the floor in my livingroom and chain smoking two or three cigarettes and unwinding before going back to cleaning. I think we pow-wow more than we clean.

We would do super girly things like curl eachother's hair different ways to see which looked best, I would braid her hair while watching a movie because she liked how it felt.. we'd paint our nails and talk about boys. It cannot get girlier hanging out with her.

But bitch'll fuck a bitch up, I swear. She ain't no siss, that's for sure.

It's nice to know that in all actuality, to connect and have a great relationship with someone, all it really takes is the willingness to make it work and the respect to communicate effectively.

And I wore her uggs constantly. They're super warm and comfortable. But shhh, don't tell anyone...

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RaChaaaa said...

I must say, First of all. Your blog is and will be the coolest blog ever. As for mine, lame, & even lamer: school oreinted.

Second, cause you know even numbers are the best in my book. I love you. Lasting relationship lady. Through Thick and thin.. sparkles and vintage, poor or rich, Ciggs or no ciggs, boopot or not, boys or babes, shaved head or blue hair, .. you get the point.... Near or far<3