Wednesday, December 23, 2009

From Port Huron to Albuquerque

I just spent the last couple hours planning out my trip across country.. Only got from my grandparents to Albuquerque, but that's over three days of driving non-stop, and of course I plan on stopping. I don't know why I bothered to plan it all out on Google maps and even print out the 12 pages of directions. I have an iphone and I know I wont stick to the route. Maybe I will, mostly. I feel better having printed out where I'm going. I mean, what if I have no signal on my phone? Not that I care, I'll just keep going west.... Which was what I wanted to do anyway, just get in my car and chase down the sunset day after day, not really knowing where I was going or caring. But, hey, I guess things go better if you plan. Or so I'm led to believe. Not that any of my plans ever go through, though. Which also makes me want to throw out these print-outs. I really just want to not worry about a thing and just go... But I do want to do modeling on the way so I guess I do need to know where I'll be! I'm such a last minute kind of person, a whimsical kinda gal. I thrive on stress and chaos. I'm at my best when I throw my hands up and say fuck it! THIS WAY!

Move on instinct and desire...

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